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Just out in South Africa

Unread postby Gandalf » 23 October 2020, 12:54


Our State president has just (today) signed a bill into law, that prevents a marriage officer from refusing to marry same-sex couples, and that every department of home affairs must have a marriage officer.

Up to now, many of the officials have either refused to marry same-sex partners or the particular department of home affairs has claimed there is no person licensed to marry, and since it has to be an office that serves the area where the couple are registered, it is been a big stumbling block.

Reasons given for refusal have ranged from personal religious beliefs to downright bigotry towards same-sexed people.

The irony of this is that, in a country that has been brought to it’s proverbial knees by wholesale looting of government funds, corruption on the grandest of scales, ineptitude, & mismanagement...... Same-sexed rights are not only protected in the constitution, they are staunchly protected......

Perhaps, same-sexed people in South Africa are more wealthy than what we give credit for, and the government is “eyeballing a future source of income”......

Apologies for my sarcasm on what’s supposed to be a “feel good” story...
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