Politically Powerful Christian Evangelical America

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Politically Powerful Christian Evangelical America

Unread postby Koftruecross » 30 May 2019, 16:19

Here in the U.S. throughout Appalachia and down to the deep South of Georgia and as far West as Texas.....The most powerful political influence continues to be the Christian fundamentalists. In every political election season the GOP does their best to curry favor from them.
Unlike Europe the U.S. has no history of religious wars or problems caused by state religion. Consequently these 21st century Christians are currently making the same exact mistakes that were made by their 16th and 17th century European ancestors. They do not teach European history at all in American public schools.
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Re: Politically Powerful Christian Evangelical America

Unread postby Eryx » 30 May 2019, 17:01

They pander to Christians because it's easy to get preachers to start doing their job while campaigning. They can get whole congregations to vote homogeneously and assure a win. Christians are the most often targeted because other relevant groups, such as atheists/agnostics or the LGBT, don't vote together, they hold their own personal convictions. And other religious groups aren't as targeted simply because they make a smaller percentage of the population.

The same is happening in Brazil and it's infuriating. You can see thousands of people being easily manipulated into voting for whoever the pastor tells them too, regardless of the policies, promises or past wrongdoings.
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Re: Politically Powerful Christian Evangelical America

Unread postby Iamjava » 31 May 2019, 02:47

i disagree with all the above. id reply with an essay, but ive learned that it doesnt help.

so. tl;dr.

although there are many issues in your argument, ill simply take us outside of the box. the issue is not religion--as you said, religion is a method of election and not as much political legislation. the problem is voter education of a politicians political stances.

for if it were simply a matter of religious sects that controlled those elections, be reminded:

1. by a far, far majority, blacks in any state predominately vote democrat--even if they belong to a church (no racism. google it);
2. several swing states reside in the bible belt;
3. many people that attend churches have no idea what true faith is;
4. what of super pacs? do they not influence as much as a pastor?

finally i venture that maybe the biggest issue facing this countrys election method would be the two party system. that, and the ignorance of the masses.

(though, to be honest, i wonder how voting results would turn out if we did not include the politicians party.)
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