Russia’s Disruption of our 2020 Election

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Russia’s Disruption of our 2020 Election

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 15 June 2019, 00:45

How do you think Russia will interfere in this coming 2020 election? My guess is they are going to use deep fakes to cause mass confusion and outrage. I don’t think a lot of candidates are talking about what should be done. Perhaps that’s just because it’s outside of their purview. Apart from universities currently studying how to apply soft biometric markers and provide those to top media organizations, this will have to be married with trust in institutions that are currently held with skepticism and scorn.
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Re: Russia’s Disruption of our 2020 Election

Unread postby Iamjava » 15 June 2019, 04:32

my response is simple: how do we interfere with elections? we have the most elite hackers and the broadest spy network.

the question should be: why are we making our ballots accessable to the internet in the first place? (among many other gov files.)
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Re: Russia’s Disruption of our 2020 Election

Unread postby Eryx » 15 June 2019, 14:59

I agree with deep fakes, also probably a whole new plethora of Facebook pages, Twitter handles and anything they can get their hands on without making everyone suspicious. Truth is most people are extremely gullible and will fall for anything, so I can't even begin to imagine what the defense mechanisms could be. Example of humans being humans.

Also, it is not often discussed that the meddling is DEFINITELY not happening only in the US. Our election last year was a hot mess, and Brazilians as in the general population are way more clueless than Americans, so you can imagine what they actually believed in. WhatsApp was basically used as an information weapon. It was crazy.
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