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A question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postPosted: 6 May 2021, 22:57
by AshleyTheBottom
I'm just wondering what you love most about being the submissive one in a relationship. I think many of us have our own reasons why we found ourselves in this position, but I'm wondering if there's any commonalities.

I have only been in 3 gay relationships and each time was with dominant tops. It all kinda happened organically. The first time, I was roommating with an older man around 45 when I was 18 and he forced himself into me, and I quickly learned that I loved it and to just relax and give it up. I asked him later how he could tell that that would work and he just could tell something about me screamed that I wanted to be taken control of. Me and him were together about 8 years and he passed away of pancreatic cancer.

Years later I met a man in a gay bar who approached me and after buying me a handful of drinks that he selected for me, he told me that he could tell that I was a bottom and was looking for a dominant top. We hooked up a bunch of times, but it never went anywhere deeper than that.

Then most recently I was pretend dating a girl and she could tell I wasn't really into it when we were in bed. She asked if I were gay and I admitted to her that I was and that I had been with two men, one serious relationship and the other just a fling. She said the same exact thing and said that I seemed like the type that would mesh well with a dominant type of man. And she said her uncle is exactly the type I would like and he would like me. So she went from being someone I was dating to a wing man for her uncle, lol. She took some photos of me in socks and underwear, sent them to her uncle and told him that I was single, submissive and looking. He immediately told her to set us up and the minute we met, we hit it off. I'm now living with him in his house and we are in a deep relationship. He's very dominant, built, tall and strong and is everything I wanted.

I think for me, I just like the idea of being protected, the feeling of belonging to someone, being bossed around and told what to do, not having the responsibility of being in control and just letting go and serving a man. It's like life for me was destined to be this way because it's the way things worked out every time. I wonder if I'm alone on this, or can anyone else identify with this? If not, what makes you love being a bottom and tell me about how it came to be.

Re: A question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postPosted: 12 May 2021, 09:33
by PeterNS
For me there are two factors. First, I like being seduced. This works best with a new partner. Second, I like the feeling of pleasing the man I love. My boyfriend once suggested having a threesome. I wasn't interested in having sex with another man because I truly loved my boyfriend but I did it because it turned him on. It turned out to be a great experience. So for me it's about the feeling more than about sex in the narrow sense. I had sex on the first date a couple times but only with men I wanted to have a deeper relationship with. When I was younger I was with a few (mostly older) men who only wanted sex with a young boy but it was fine with me because I had feelings for them and wanted to satisfy their desires despite being just a toy for them. So yes, it's about belonging to someone.

Re: A question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postPosted: 19 June 2021, 04:13
by Ilikebeer12345
Lord i have seen what u have done for others!!!!!!!!! Honey!!

Re: A question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postPosted: 19 June 2021, 04:18
by Ilikebeer12345
I like being appreciated. Sucked this guys dick and the way he was like.... Reacting encouraged me like i just want to make a man happy. More than like my own feeling BUT at this point i need to feel something too. Hard to explain !! Have to go into more detail

Re: A question for fellow sub bottoms.

Unread postPosted: 1 July 2021, 09:54
by javier80
Being a bottom, sub I guess, has always been my role. I started in Kindergarten, and most of my early experiences were with bullies or older men. Luckily, no one of them penetrated me until I sought it out at 15. I have always gone for strait guys, because they are the easiest to seduce with sexual favors and are often hostile toward being outed. This could have ben because I also didn't want to be outed. As I to older, then older men were my thing. I used to frequent bathrooms in high rise hotels and conventions centers and allow men to take me to their rooms and sometimes engage in group encounters. I was a free bang and underage at that, and they loved it. I just enjoyed being wanted, accepted and most of all attractive to them. Even if they were not my idea of attraction. I don't trust guys, and guys always know how to put me in my place. That is hard in a strait world, but in a gay one, that means that they often are resentful of me and hate my ability to attract attention. They then use that resentment and anger to "put me in my place." Again. I am used by both proclivities. I don't know what it means to not be used. In relationships I am often annoyed by gestures of love and desire. I hate when a guy tries to make me conmortable through touching. This reminds me of the guys or men that would get me to do their will. I am pretty much destroyed for any type of long term relationship unless it is codependenet and most likely the other person is codependent and I am left trying to not hurt their feelings and do what they want. Sucks being a sub.