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Some people need to acknowledge that some gay guys are butch

Unread postPosted: 28 July 2021, 20:13
by Playerballer
This might be a controversial topic but it needs to be spoken about and it might give relief to other gay people who feel the same.
Isn't it fair to say that some gay people don't have a sexual identity problem in other words some gay guys enjoy being masculine and some gay women enjoy being feminine but some people fail to understand that.
Due to the embarrassment of sinister characters in the media some gay people can't say their sexuality.
People in my family have been diluded by celebrity's that dress up like a drama or even more like a circus clown.
Most people might be entertained by these celebrity's but they can actually be an insult to gay people.
A particular celebrity who diluded my family has worn makeup and a pink hat resembiling neither gender but more like a circus clown. Another celebrity has done the same wearing a court judges wig while playing a piano.
Its disturbing to know that parents compare their son or daughter to these sinister celebrity's.

Many gay people are perceived wrongly just because they're gay and it shouldn't be happening