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Funeral planning for couples

Unread postPosted: 6 May 2022, 19:16
by samstamport
Can anyone refer me to online resources for funeral planning for gay couples?

I may be wrong, but I think the most inexpensive funeral is to donate my body to science. That way only a remembrance service is required. If this is correct how much does the service alone cost?

Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

Re: Funeral planning for couples

Unread postPosted: 6 May 2022, 20:30
by Marmaduke
Is the cost of dealing with a corpse more or less expensive based on gender? Do you imagine you might save some money if you book as a couple and make it very clear that neither of you has a pair of tits to add weight when they need to carry you down the stairs?

Why would a funeral director specialising in gay couples need to exist?

If I’m the first one to go in a couple, I hope my other half does the sensible thing and just puts me in the garden waste bin and hopes the garbage men don’t bother checking on trash day.

Re: Funeral planning for couples

Unread postPosted: 7 May 2022, 02:02
by McTaggartfan
This is the best I could come up with, as being something related (even if ever so slightly) to the topic at hand.

Mine is a body that should die at sea!
And have for a grave, instead of a grave
Six feet deep and the length of me,
All the water that is under the wave!
And terrible fishes to seize my flesh,
Such as a living man might fear,
And eat me while I am firm and fresh,—
Not wait till I've been dead for a year!

A silly poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay. But, yeah, that's honestly the best I can manage here.