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Sucking uncut cocks

Unread postPosted: 3 April 2021, 23:10
by Twilight66
I have always had oral sex with circumcised boys which are pretty easy to manage. However, I will be having sex shortly with a guy with an uncut cock. l I know because he "warned" me to make sure I didn't have a problem with it. Of course I said I had no problem with it! I will never say 'no' to a cock unless it was not properly "maintained". I'm exciting about trying going down on this guy, but I need some advice in regards to techniques I should use to deal with the extra skin involved, and would like to know anything about how to effectively stimulate his cock which might have different sensitivities in certain areas that if I knew where they were I could make the experience more pleasurable for him, rather than less if I don't know what I'm doing.