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Re: One sided love.

Unread postPosted: 21 August 2019, 18:15
by Eryx
I already told you what I think, the guy is using you and you should try to move on. Moving on from a relationship is normal and anyone can do it, including you.

I also suggest you start using paragraphs!!

Re: One sided love.

Unread postPosted: 23 August 2019, 19:55
by Bookmark
Lonely2989 wrote:I can understand how people see this ridiculously funny. But seriously not bait posting anything. Because when you give some one all your attention and you are also receiving too.. And suddenly everything just fall apart without even a hint i think this is what heart break is. I am very serious from the beginning. I have none to tell about my trauma. Living in a conservative family living in a conservative country with this sexuality is very difficult. Most of my good friends are straight so i can't discuss this with them. Same with my family too.. Thats why i asked here. Whether its a year long or a week long,love is love. I tried my best to get him.. And all of a sudden i lost him. This thing breaks my heart. Moving on seems very difficult. I am realky sorry if i have offended anybody asking suggestion

I'm sure nobody is offended by your request for advice here.

You need to give yourself some breathing space to work through your feelings. You need a clean break from him, he's messing with your head. From what I've read It's clear that his agenda was much different from what you were initially led to believe.

You've fallen pretty hard for this guy but try and see past that to how this has affected your own well-being. Focus your energies on other activities and distractions to help get your mind in order. Many of us have been through similar experiences and have come out the other side, a little wiser, stronger and more discerning.

It will take time (this old cliche is true) but you can get through this.