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I am lost. Is my guy bisexual, gay, or kinky?

Unread postPosted: 3 June 2020, 07:27
by TrustnHeart
I didn’t want to assume & when I asked about him ever having any type of relations with a man he got pretty frustrated, as if it were an unusual question. This was last June when we originally hooked up.

In the beginning he seemed head over heels, but as time went on I noticed little things.. for starters he always would tell me he didn’t want me to be fresh, he wanted the smell or taste of me after running around all day. He claims that all of his family members uncles, mom, siblings thought he was gay because he’s EXTREMELY picky with women. He stresses this to me. So picky that he has death grip from masturbation&porn only for years - he is unable to ejaculate from vagina due to his hand and technique. The only way he finishes even during intercourse is with his hand, it is such a challenge that he sees a Dr about this and tries to practice no fap but he cannot stop - as he is just too picky with women and we have to be extremely feminine as I am. He says of is 30 years I am the only feminine woman he’s had.

He has very misogynistic views, and sex with him is very very aggressive- choking, slapping, spitting, name calling - you would thing that he hates women. He’ll often times say you look so innocent and feminine I want to take my stress and anger out on you. He’s very big on ass licking, licking mine, but even more of licking his. He gets wayyy into it to the point of smothering with his ass. He often times says “I need a prostate massage”.. I tried to give him one once but stuff my finger in deep and he jumped up and had to run to the bathroom. He says I did It wrong & gave me directions on how to, he loves it and does it every time he masturbates. Hence why I think it’s impossible to cum with vagina. Also when he has me jack him often he wants me to squeeze so tight that it even hurts my hand and scares me to do, I can’t do it. But he says he has never had anal sex.

When he describes other men he says “he’s a very handsome guy” or something about the guy’s appearance. I noticed based off of how he takes care of himself and things he says he does not have the highest esteem. So I assumed he probably just compared himself. He watches many videos of guys that workout on YouTube, that resemble him- and says he aspires to look this way or dress like him.. but keep in mind I’m on Skyped watching from the screen so I see his expressions, it’s weird like a child who’s hypnotized by a cartoon. Mouth open staring.

he is still pretty child like, he’s a mommas boy, still at home, no plans of leaving, and still in his child hood twin sized bed/bedroom.

He’s obsessed with his homeboys like a teenaged kid. Always has to hang out with them, they are first next to his mom -who is his best friend. I have 2 homeboys that are DL and have been in a relationship for years, you would think they were just homies. A group of us went to a strip club. I know my guy was nervous being down south for the first time around a bunch of dudes he doesn’t know, so he was scoping the scene BUT at one particular time I saw him staring down my 2 homeboys while they were laughing and joking around in the club. It startled to the point where I wanted to ask what was wrong - he WAS STARING STARING. It made me wonder if he knew the true nature of their relationship. That same homeboy made it a point to tell me “he’s weird”

He is a Scorpio, and claims to need a deep connection with a woman to be physical with her. He no longer wanted to be in this LDR due to my insecurities over 2000 miles away adding stress to him, but he still wants to talk all the time, be in love, come to visit, and still says things about us marrying and having a family. He talks about it so much I truly believe he wants it even tho all women know some men just say shit to keep us around. But we have such a deep connection as I am a bisexual female, I just know the signs.

I feel like he’s lost in his identity and needs to find himself. His self esteem is nowhere near where it should be and I believe it’s due to lack of success and him not being his true self.

Does he sound bi or gay to you?

Would it be wrong for me to ask or try and pull it out of him or could it be that he’s just not that interested?

Everything was going good but I feel like he was putting on an act & he and I both know that he cannot fulfill the role of what I need.

He is coming to visit this month, it will be our first time in person again since 11/19. The other night he was saying how he missed sex, and couldn’t wait to hear moans, feel a soft body, etc.. I feel like he’s anxious to do it with me because not many women are open to everything he is or knows all of his kinks like I do, but he says the sex is a spiritual thing.

I also want to withhold sex from him due to us not being in a Committed relationship But I at the same time have been celibate and am kinda looking to do it to. Just wanting to see how my spirit feels when the time comes. I also feel like we should get tested before..

so what do you think is up with this guy?? Should I be asking him and personal questions? How should I entertain this? If at all..

just listen to my intuition?

Re: I am lost. Is my guy bisexual, gay, or kinky?

Unread postPosted: 3 June 2020, 15:25
by Frigid
He’s an absolute nutcase regardless of his sexuality. Unless you enjoy being abused, I’d say run.

But yes, he is a homo.

Re: I am lost. Is my guy bisexual, gay, or kinky?

Unread postPosted: 3 June 2020, 16:33
by Eryx
I don't know if he's gay, but it definitely sounds miserable to be with him. Regardless of his sexuality, I'd get my things and go.

Re: I am lost. Is my guy bisexual, gay, or kinky?

Unread postPosted: 10 August 2021, 07:52
by GayBrothersLove
I know a twins gays who have sex all the time everyday sex sex sex. twinsforfans (dot) com

Re: I am lost. Is my guy bisexual, gay, or kinky?

Unread postPosted: 10 September 2021, 15:54
by Peter123777
Do you feel like he's turn on physically by you?
Does he perform sexually with no problems? (i.e., getting erection, maintaining while having sex etc)
Do you feel loved by him, like he's truly wants to be and spend time with you?

Honestly you can ask him if he's bisexual, if you have a close relationship for enough time, it's legitimate to ask.
Things aren't that black and white as we like to think. The spectrum of sexual orientation is very wide and versatile.
Hope that help