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Dating a guy and apps for dating

Unread postPosted: 7 August 2020, 14:57
by Zurdoknoc
I recently met through Facebook dating this guy who seems to be a good guy. Right after I met him I told him I was deleting my profiles from Facebook dating and scruff which I did. He told me he is in those but once he is in a relationship those go away. I turned on my old iPad to charge it which I have not done in maybe 6 months. It synced with my iPhone and installed scruff again. The guy I am dating contacte del and asked my why I was on scruff for 40 min and he sent a couple of screenshots. I didn’t log in but I guess the iPhone did. I was not online looking but apparently he was online god knows why and he somehow confronted me and got a b it annoyed because I wasn’t telling the truth which is not the case. I clarified and we seemed to me ok. I deleted the app and showed him. I politely asked him to give me peace of mind and do the same. I have mixed thoughts about this Apps are a trust issue and I rather not to have them when dating a guy. Just a note on the side, his ex is his roommate. They share the dog, he makes his car payment because he does some work for him, he is under the ex health insurance and I also learned the ex makes his lunch to take at work a few times a week. He said that won’t change for a while and it’s a deal they have. Take it or leave it basically. If an app is a trust issue what about all the ex boyfriend situation ? Any thoughts ?