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Please help i need advise

Unread postPosted: 20 September 2021, 19:43
by Loveintheair

I need some guidance in what to do. i'm in love with a guy a collegue/friend i'm not sure if he's gay, last time i looked at his facebook profile i saw that he had changed his interests in women to blank.

I get the feeling that he is pushing his feelings away, do you know what I have to do to get this going. Of course I'm also afraid of myself if he wouldn't be gay and I tell him how I feel that he will continue to tell this to my collegue or i dont know im just assuming.

Our culture and religion makes it difficult for us to get out of that closet. This of course makes it very difficult to talk about it. I wouldn't know how to start this in a subtle way because I have no experience in this area, I'm in love for the first time.

Today we talked on whatsapp and he mostly calls me Hey bro. what does that mean? isnt that weird

Re: Please help i need advise

Unread postPosted: 20 September 2021, 20:59
by pozzie
I've had lots of guys I don't know from Adam call be "bro" but that's more culturally normal here, I guess. Can't say what it means where you are and you'd probably need others from the same country/culture to help you understand.

All in all, I'd suggest just being friends with this guy. Hang out. Do something you both enjoy. The more time you spend together the more you'll know about each other.

It's entirely possible he changed that status because he broke up recently and wants to take a break. Or maybe his momma doesn't want him dating. Who knows. Well, he does. ;)

Re: Please help i need advise

Unread postPosted: 20 September 2021, 21:07
by Loveintheair
Yes we already have a friendship we met couple of times and hang out. No he had no previous relationship, i just saw last week he was interested in girls and couple days ago he changed it to blank. He is from the same country and culture as i am. Our age is 5 years apart. But i really love him i want a serious relationship. I stood there for him when he needed me and i gifted him a playstation 5, he wanted to pay me for it but i refused. Just to show him how much i care for him

Re: Please help i need advise

Unread postPosted: 24 September 2021, 05:02
by ethanroy011
But i think its a one sided love only. If he interested in the girls then you have to talk with him and clear everything. I hope this will help you.