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Bulgaria such as it is in reality. And Sofia City.

Unread postPosted: 28 July 2020, 20:38
by Valso
I thought those of you who have never been in my country would wanna see some of it - just as it is, not as it's being advertised by tour operators. :) For starters, I found this guy who documented part of his stay in Sofia. I'll keep looking for more videos. If you have any questions, ask, I'll answer all. Oh, and as you can see, almost nobody is wearing adidas tracksuits. :P

And more:

The above videos are about my hometown which also the capital city of Bulgaria.

And there's also this which is all true and any foreigner should be careful to stay away from these people. Even the cab driver is one of them. The cab driver couldn't normally afford golden ring and golden watch with the cab driver's salary, so that raises question what else does he do for living... :lol: This is the other side of Bulgaria no one wants to talk about - the gypsy ghetto in Varna City as well as in many other cities, towns and villages. There are such ghettoes in Sofia too but they're far from the center where the train and bus stations are, so you should be safe, unless you go to these ghettoes on purpose. Cuz our gypsies are not like any other gypsies you may have met. And not in the good way at that.

Bottom line: if you decide to come to Bulgaria and you have a Bulgarian friend to guide you, you'll be fine. Cuz the guides of the tour operators will most probably want more money to take you to places you wanna go.
Also, avoid picking up cabs from those waiting at train and bus statins because for a route that normally would cost you $3 they would take you at least $20. And avoid choosing hotels near the train and the bus stations because they're the primary targets of the gypsies. If you want decent but not too expensive hotels, there are several good ones about 2 miles away from the stations.
And most importantly - do not show/tell everyone you're not straight cuz 70% of the Bulgarians are homophobes and some of them are aggressive and it may not end well for you. Things like holding hands and/or kissing in the streets are better to be avoided.

I know some may not like what I just wrote but that's the truth. Take it or leave it.

Re: Bulgaria such as it is in reality. And Sofia City.

Unread postPosted: 30 July 2020, 08:47
by biguy87
I've been to Bulgaria. We went to Borovets for skiing/snowboarding and flew into/out of Sofia airport. I never saw central Sofia but what I saw on the journey between the airport and the resort was very similar to the last video. It was a few years ago but that's how I remember it. The airport itself was very small and uninteresting, and the surrounding area very drab. I've always thought of it as a place I wouldn't want to go back to.

The first video, exploring Sofia itself, makes me want to visit. In many ways in looks a lot like most of the Eastern/Central European cities I've been to. Perhaps one to tick off the list at some point.

Re: Bulgaria such as it is in reality. And Sofia City.

Unread postPosted: 30 July 2020, 11:05
by Valso
I've never been to the airport. I'm terrified of planes in principle and I do my best to stay away from them. 9/11 didn't help much to become a fan of planes. But the port is different now afaik. They made a subway station there, so it must be different.
Borovets ain't bad but not every Bulgarian can afford it. Personally I wouldn't visit it in the winter.
Bulgaria ain't a bad place either if you stay away from the gypsies and don't attract their attention.
I just decided to show it to you such as it is bc I don't like lying to people which what half of the tour operators do and the event you do cross paths with the gypsies you feel lied.