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Re: Audio: How do you like to enjoy your music?

Unread postPosted: 23 January 2019, 14:53
by xrayspex78

One of my latest audio acquisitions. A Nakamichi BX-1 2 Head cassette deck. Fist Nak I ever owned that played correctly without major issues in the transport.

Replaced a bad power cord on the unit that had a hairline crack. Which caused intermittent power.
Now the fast forward and rewind will need addressed. They work but eventually stop and seem very weak. It could be:
Idler wheel
Not sure yet. Really hope it’s not the motor.

This was one of Nakamichi’s entry level decks. I believe it’s from 1982 or so. It’s a nice sounding deck for sure. Not their best. Their best was The Dragon and is considered the end all be all in home audio cassette decks. The darn thing had automatic azimuth adjustment!! :wide-eyed: