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Hi I have come here to join the thread on topics and discussions

Unread postPosted: 12 June 2020, 10:12
by Nhguy30
I’m a single guy here in the state of New Hampshire.I have had not such great luck in the dating realm.I have seen bipolar was in an abusive alcoholic relationship with someone who tried to ruin my reputation in the gay community websites.Trying to sl*t shame me and cause chaos.I had dated a really sweat deaf man he was Native American really attractive long hair gorgeous.I seem to love long hair hippies and attraction to that type of person seems to be my type lol.Ive noticed at age 28 up to 32.A lot of my straight friends gay friends are missing in action.I enjoy making YouTube videos going outside fishing mettal detecting my grammar is not perfect.Dyslexia been hard to find the right people I’m also going though a lot since covid.I have not been single for a long period of time for years.Id love to find out more and try to get good advice here.