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Coming Out

Unread postPosted: 16 June 2021, 16:50
by John86
Hi, I am an 86 year old gay Catholic who is still in the closet but now out on this forum and with my gay 39 year old boyfriend. I am a widower who has had sex with other men most of my life. Called myself bisexual but after my second wife died in April 2020 finally admitted that I was attracted to men and the male body and preferred being with other men. Once I admitted to being gay my life started to fall into place. I have two sons, 4 grand children and three great grand children none of whom know I am gay. I have no conflict with being gay and a practicing Catholic. My boyfriend is stuck in the Philippines because of Covid19 but we talk a minimum of twice a day via FaceTime and are working toward getting him here before 2021 is over. I currently live alone with my two golden retrievers and look forward to learning from and exchanging ideas with other gay men on this forum.

Re: Coming Out

Unread postPosted: 27 June 2021, 19:49
by pppppp42
Sounds like you definitely did your due diligence in trying the hetero life and being faithful to your previous relationships.
Welcome and enjoy being you!

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Unread postPosted: 27 June 2021, 20:09
by John86


Unread postPosted: 27 June 2021, 20:50
by Gay Sohbet
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