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Unread postPosted: 1 August 2021, 14:28
by aisha
hi i am a young pakistani woman who militates for the rights of women in pakistan because in pakistan, the council of islamist ideology (cii), wishes to grant to the men the right to "lightly beat" their wives. A bill which once again sheds a sad light on this country where women are the most victims of violence ... the rights of homosexuals and also flout because the predominant Islam does not allow it. So I would like to create an association that fights for the oppressed but I risk death that's why I ask for help from the outside and if you can not finance tell our story to the whole world because today ' hui we gay men and women will not do it any longer in hiding and we will fight for our rights, in Pakistan some girls are stoned or raped then tortured and sometimes even are forced to marry their own rapists for fear that she does not attract shame it is the same for the rights of homosexuals they are tracked down tortured raped killed and sometimes burned alive or flayed alive.

Re: help help help

Unread postPosted: 1 August 2021, 14:50
by LynxReloaded
but i am egomaniacal. i only help myself