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Unread postPosted: 29 August 2021, 11:35
by kiwibugga
Well what does one say when you are making your first post on a new gay site?
I have no idea.
I will say what I would say to some one I met in a gay bar/place.
Yes I am gay and I am 64 years old now, I have no idea who you are but lets hope you are a decent sane person who understands we are not all the same or perhaps even a like.
I do not consider being gay as the ultimate definition of who I am (or you are). We are all individuals in the end.
I define myself as a man first and as gay second.
I am an atheist, but consider the christian faith to be best of a sorry bunch. I have lived in non christian countries and think I know the differences of most.
Life can be strange and intimidating especially to the young, but if you are trust worthy and caring person who does not judge based on prejudice (as we all have) you will do ok and have a good life.
Being gay and free is a very rare chance in life that not all gays have. It is to be privileged to be respected, thus I am lucky to come from and returned to such a society.
I have lived a very privileged live compared to may in the world, but it has not been easy and has cost a lot in many ways that I cannot express.
Growing up as a poor white boy in a rural society where the concept of gay was something that was alien was not easy, but overcome by moving away. My life has been one of ease, 100% through my own efforts and thus I earned it. I have never had to support a family or a parent unlike 99% of most people in societies around the world.
So what am I doing here?
God knows, not that I believe in that. Its 2021, NZ in lockdown and I am alone and getting really pissed off. Bored, lonely and depressed. That's about it.
Maybe this site will be interesting and stimulating.
My number ONE pet hate is that someone has the right to tell me what to do or think. Nope I'll do that without any advice thank you.
See you all later in chat perhaps....